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Curriculum Vitae

Posted at — Jul 28, 2014

Technical Expertise

Java, JavaScript, ObjectiveC, Swift, Python, Haskell
MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RethinkDB
J2EE, Spring Boot, Android SDK, Django, AngularJS, NodeJS
OOD, Unit, Module, and Systems Testing, OpenID, REST/SOAP, JSON, SEO/SEM, AJAX
Intellij IDEA, Maven, Jenkins, Sonar, git, Apache, nginx
Mac, Linux, Windows (well, if I have to...)

Professional Experience

Software Architect, BDE Software Services GmbH

March 2016 - present

Hamburg, Germany

Consulting work and software development.

Mobile Software Architect, I.C.N.H GmbH

Juli 2012 - March 2016

Hamburg, Germany

I am responsible for the concept, design and implementation of mobile apps on all platforms - native and hybrid. This often includes the implementation of a server backend for RESTful APIs. The technology used for this is often Node.JS.

Senior Software Engineer, CoreMedia AG

June 2006 - June 2012

Hamburg, Germany
  • Replacing the Java Swing based CMS editor with a new ExtJS RIA. Using the ActionScript3-to-JavaScript compiler Jangaroo and the declarative UI languare EXML based on Flex. It provides large scale software development features like maven dependency management, IDE support and testing.
  • Researched the usage of microblogging in companies and developed several prototypes based on python and django
  • Developed a video streaming extension for the CMS with a Flex3 based UI
  • Developed and maintained the Digitial Rights Management platform

Software Architect, MaK DATA SYSTEM Kiel GmbH

October 2005 - March 2006

Kiel, Germany

I worked on numerous projects with Java, Spring and JSF as a member of a larger team and on my own.

Software Developer, DERI

August 2004 - December 2004

Galway, Ireland

I was part of the research team for semantic web services.

Software Developer, mobilcom Communicationstechnik GmbH

October 1999 - October 2003

Rendsburg, Germany

Over the time I designed and developed several Java based web applications.


Master of Science (MSc), University of Applied Science Wedel

October 2003 - October 2005

Wedel, Germany
  • Functional Programming with Haskell: Thesis and different projects with the Haskell XML Toolbox
  • Agent systems and AI
  • Cryptography
  • Construction of Compiler

Diplom Wirtschaftsinformatik (Diploma in Business Informatics), Berufsakademie (Academy of Professional Studies) Schleswig-Holstein

October 1999 - September 2002

Kiel, Germany


Climbing, Photography, Music