Using Hugo as the new static site generator

Four years since my last blogpost and a very crappy old style of the site, I have decided completely revamp this site. My first thoughts were: You need a new static site generator and it has to be written in your favourite programming language (for now, this is JavaScript). After some googling and tinkering I came to a very different conclusion: Not the programming language or the features of the generator are important to me, but the available themes!

L-System parser with Jangaroo

Have you ever heard of Jangaroo? It is an ActionScript®-to-Javascript compiler. It's an open-source project with an implementation of the Flash® API and the whole toolchain every programmer likes: Maven dependency management, good IDE support, TDD with JooUnit (a port of FlexUnit) and a lot more. It even comes with a declarative UI language EXML (well, it is quite similar to MXML), that can be used to generate ExtJS applications. For about a year I am now also helping to evolve Jangaroo and its toolchain.

Baubericht Amati Shamrock - Tag 1

Dies ist der erste Teil eines Bauberichts des Bausatzes Shamrock von Amati im Maßstab von 1:80. Da ich ein blutiger Anfänger bin, was Schiffsmodellbau angeht, ist dieser Bausatz genau das Richtige, denn der Rumpf ist ein vorgefertigtes Resinteil. So fängt das echte Modellbauen erst bei dem Deck an. Der Bausatz ist eigentlich auf italienisch, es liegt aber ein Zettel mit den wichtigsten Übersetzungen bei - so lernt man auch gleich noch etwas Fremdsprache, z.B.

Hosting a Blogofile Blog on GitHub with GitHub Pages

So, in my first blog post I will describe howto use GitHub to serve a Blogofile Blog, which I have done with this blog. ### First, what is Blogofile? Blogofile is a framework for static websites. You don’t need a webserver and no database, only webspace. Blogofile provides templates, controllers and filters, almost like any other dynamic web frameworks and compiles them to a static website. Right now it is more or less a blogging engine but you can actually create any website you want.